Sail Away With Me | Blaine 

Kurt woke up excited. He had the day all planned out in his head as if he’d sorted it out in  his dreams and when he got up the first thing he did was put together his and Blaine’s lunch as well as couple of other things they might need.

Blaine was awake by the time everything was packed up in a bag and together they got the kids ready to go spend the day with Rachel. They assured both of them that it wouldn’t be for the whole day and that they would pick them up for dinner time.

It was noon when they finally left the apartment. They walked along the streets together, Kurt guiding Blaine in the right direction by tugging on their clasped hands. They were almost to their destination when they passed a florist and Kurt, on a whim, bought Blaine a bouquet of red and yellow flowers.

"I know you’re supposed to give these to your date at the beginning, but I hope you don’t mind getting them now," he said with a smile.